Meet Kothe S/A

The main focus at Kothe S/A is to serve customers with performance and quality in the executed services. The performance targets aim to fully meet the customers’ needs, through operational excellence, professional and human development of the employees. Kothe excels in treating each client and business individually, offering solutions according to their needs and particularities. Thus, we are able to offer transport and logistics services tailored to meet the needs of our customers.

Our mission

To provide excellent services in freight transport and logistics in the national market, meeting the needs and standards of the most diverse Customers, with safety, reliability and sustainability, aiming to maximize results. 
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Our vision

To be a reference in freight transport and logistics in the national market, operating with excellence in the internal processes and people development.
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Our values

Excellence in service, safety, people who make a difference, ethics, responsibility, innovation, focus on results and sustainability.
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Our values



Our success history begins in the 1970s, when the main activity was wood trade and transport. The start of activities happened in Concórdia - SC, in a family company where father and sons worked hard performing all tasks inherent to the transport sector.


In 1989 the first refrigerated truck was purchased in order to serve customers in the North region, and in 1999 Trans Kothe Transportes Rodoviários Ltda. was established. With the increase in demand in this market sector, the company defined, as growth target, its establishment in Araguaína-TO.


But it was in 2000 that the administrative headquarters started to be built in Araguaína – TO, due to the geographical location of the city that strategically contributed with the logistics of our services. Additionally, Araguaína - TO was going through a period of steady development, and needed partner companies that shared the dream of a prosperous and productive future. Thus, a successful partnership was made between northern Araguaína - TO, also known as the cattle capital, and the southerners from Santa Catarina.


In 2011 we started the process of diversifying our fleet, which, until that moment, was only comprised of refrigerated trucks. Currently we have REFRIGERATED, FREIGHT and SIDER vehicles, in the LS, VANDERLEIA, BITRUCK and RODOTREM formats.


In the year 2013 another important step was taken with the review of our strategic planning, where we opted for the change to S/A and the reformulation of our visual identity and slogan to “Our business is to serve!”.


Looking to increasingly meet the needs of our customers, in 2014 we started a structuring process of our branches and support stations across the country. Currently we have branches and support stations strategically distributed in the states of Rio Grande Do Sul, Santa Catarina, São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Goiás, Tocantins, Pará, Maranhão, Piauí, Ceará, Pernambuco and Bahia.


In 2016 we acquired a strategically located terrain in the city of Jundiaí – SP, near São Paulo capital and other important urban hubs of the State, such as Campinas (40 km), Limeira (66 km) and Sorocaba (70 km), where we built a modern logistics complex to support our fleet and operations of our customers, as well as being a support station for all our drivers. Currently Jundiai – SP is our new Headquarters! Jundiaí has been consolidating itself as one of the logistics and distribution hubs in the São Paulo Metropolitan Region, thanks to the connection of Bandeirantes and Anhangüera highways with Mario Covas beltway.


In 2018 we increased the quantity of services offered to our customers, with the release of AFEs/AE with ANVISA (Authorization of Operation/Special Authorization with the National Health Surveillance Agency) to transport para Related Products, Parfums, Cosmetics, Hygiene Products, Household Cleaning and Disinfecting Products, Medications, Pharmaceutical Inputs and Medications and Inputs under the control of Directive SVS/MS n°344/98 and its updated versions.


In the year 2019 the ISO 9001:2015 and SASSMAQ certifications were implemented, aiming to increasingly improve our internal processes and enter the chemical products transport and logistics sector.


We are a company that has as indelible mark the sustainable growth and the consolidation of the transport and logistics sector of refrigerated freight, dry freight, liquid freight, export and import, cross-docking service provision, re-palletizing and storage. We are present in the whole management of the logistics chain of our clients, presenting several solutions and success stories. Transporting from raw material to industrialization, input for agricultural production, transfers between factory units, transport of finished products to wholesale and retail networks, logistics of merchandise receipt, storage and distribution.

Our company has more than 1,500 employees, who are dedicated to support our customers across the country. In order to achieve our goals, we recruit and select employees who have their professional goals aligned to our business, mission, vision and values.

In Jundiaí-SP we have a 40,000 m² structure, with safety system equipped with 24/7 monitored cameras and alarms, electric laminated network, electric fence, 24-hour security, panic buttons and hourly perimetral patrols, with a 3,000 m² warehouse to support logistics operations of our customers, allowing for the movement of merchandise through the docks or by the side of the vehicle (SIDER), we have a specialized mechanical repair shop with 12 boxes for better agility and safety in the preventative and corrective maintenance, internal fueling base, washer, support station for drivers and an office with a full commercial, operational and administrative structure.

In the city of Araguaína-TO, an important connection hub between the North, Northeast and Center-West regions, it is where our administrative headquarters is located, with a 30,000 m² structure, where we develop a differential work in the digitization of merchandise delivery receipts, follow-up and positioning and status of the trips through a modern and innovative structure of operational support. We also have a mechanical repair shop with 12 boxes for better agility and safety in the preventative and corrective maintenance, internal fueling base, washer, hook sanitization, support station for drivers and an office with a full commercial, operational and administrative structure.

We have other branches/support stations with excellent structure for the support to our customers.

Good environmental practices

Trans Kothe has as one of its values sustainability, which has been intensifying necessary actions for our services to have low environmental impacts. In 2019, we have innoveted with the installation project of the photovoltaic solar power system at our headquarters in Jundiaí - SP. The photovoltaic system is a continuation of Trans Kothe's Values, in the use of clean, renewable, noise-free and sustainable energy. Our goal is to have growth in a sustainable way, using natural resources as a source of clean energy. With the installation of more than 600 solar panels, Trans Kothe will avoid the emission of 3,362,322 CO2 for 25 years.

Washer water reuse

In our headquarters, there is an equipment in the vehicle washer, which works in the reuse of water, used in the washing of Trans Kothe vehicles. The equipment has the capacity to reuse up to five thousand liters of water per hour.

The washer water reuse is powered by non-drinking water, which is used to wash vehicles economically and consciously.

In addition to saving this finite resource, we treat the water generated in the washing of vehicles, reducing waste with reuse.



Technology Allied to Sustainability

One hundred percent of Trans Kothe vehicles have the intelligent system EURO 5, which aims to reduce the emission of pollutants.

With the use of this technology, we will be able to reduce the emissions of:

Nitrogen oxide (NOx) in up to 80%;
29%  in carbon monoxide;
23%  in hydrocarbons;
80%  in particulate material.

One hundred percent of the vehicles have the ARLA 32 “Liquid Reducing Agent for Nitrogen Oxides (NOx)”

ARLA 32 acts on the catalytic converters in the engine's exhaust system, allowing the reduction of nitrogen oxide emissions. When using ARLA, it can reduce the emission of polluting gases by up to 80%.

Fifth Wheel of Carts

All vehicles with fifth wheel have polymeric wearplates, that reduces the use of grease on the blockand friction disc.

By eliminating lubrication in the fifth wheel, we save more than 50 kg of grease per vehicle/year, totaling an average saving of 46.5 tons of grease in 2019. With this practice, you can reduce the amount of waste recovered after maintenance.


Institutional videos

Headquarters // Jundiaí-SP

Administrative Headquarters // Araguaína-TO

Evolution of the brand 

Evolução da marca Kothe