Quality Management

ISO 9001

Aiming to be a reference in transport and logistics in the national market, operating with excellence in the internal processes and people development, Trans Kothe is ISO 9001:2005 certified, obtaining the international quality qualification in its processes, implementing continuous improvement in its Quality Management System, ensuring that it meets the needs of its most diverse customers.


Trans Kothe is expanding its national market, operating in the area of transport and storage of chemical products. Preventing continuously and progressively the risks of accident in transport and distribution of chemical products, reducing environmental impacts. The achievement of SASSMAQ is a continuation of the values of Trans Kothe, stating the reduction of risks in operations that involve transport, assessment systems standardization, reduction of costs, keeping the commitment to sustainability. This robust way differentiates Trans Kothe in the market, executing operations backed by Safety, Health, Environment and Quality.


Trans Kothe confirms its quality and credibility in the national and international markets with the obtainment of a D-U-N-S®️ number. The D-U-N-S®️ number is an exclusive identification for companies. It is used to create a commercial credit file with D&B®️, which is used frequently by investors and potential business partners to verify the reliability and/or financial stability of a company in which they are interested. “D-U-N-S®️” means “Data universal numbering system”, a system that keeps up-to-date information on more than 300 million companies across the world. The identifying code is recognized by the main standards organizations in the world, thus demonstrating that Trans Kothe is concerned with being aligned with the international standards of quality and innovation, always meeting the needs of the customers.

New management system

The obtainment of the ISO and SASSMAQ certifications is part of the implementation of a new management system at Kothe. Aiming to implement indicators that may show the development of the company, a new management model is created, called Kothe Integrated Management System - SGIK.

SGIK activities are being divided in four dimensions, which will have their indicators assessed in: Operation, Maintenance, Management and People.

With the implementation of SGIK, the company aims to execute services with maximum quality and efficiency, as well as performing its part as company to avoid potential damages that may be caused to the environment.

Integrated Management System Policy

Trans Kothe Transportes Rodoviários S/A excels in providing services of excellence in transport and logistics in the national market, meeting the needs and standards of the most diverse customers with safety, reliability and sustainability, aiming to maximize results:

In order to do that, we adopted the following quality principles:

  • Increase our customers’ satisfaction through excellence in service, after all: Our business is to Serve;
  • Safety in the Transport and Logistics operations: Nothing is as important or urgent that needs to be done without safety. If it is not safe, do not do it;
  • Take care of our employees;
  • Pursue the development and continuous appreciation of our employees through excellence in internal processes and people development;
  • Preserve the environment;
  • Maintain an enjoyable, clean and organized workplace;
  • Continuously meet the regulatory and statutory requirements of the business;
  • Continuously improve the processes and services of the Quality Management System.

We progressively encourage the improvement of the Kothe Integrated Management System - SGIK, complying with our values of excellence in service, safety, people who make a difference, ethics, responsibility, innovation, focus on results and sustainability.

Revision 01

Alcohol and Drugs Policy

Trans Kothe Transportes Rodoviários S/A has the commitment to operate responsibly, valuing people, protecting the environment and complying with all laws and regulations in Health, Safety and Environment. In this context, the company prevents, improves and maintains the health and wellbeing of its employees, ensuring the conditions that allow an appropriate performance of their functions.

In order to do that, we adopted the following principles related to use of Alcohol and Drugs:

  • Employees shall be fit and ready to perform the activities of their roles all the time they are at work or providing service on behalf of Trans Kothe;
  • It is the duty of each employee to notify the company if they are using any medication that may alter their behavioral state, damage the performance of their functions and/or offer any risk to the work environment;
  • It is prohibited to hold or use illicit drugs;
  • It is prohibited to use Psychoactive Substances (Drugs that prevent sleeping);
  • It is prohibited to ingest and transport alcoholic drinks while at work or providing services on behalf of Trans Kothe.
Revision 01

Asset Security Policy

Trans Kothe Transportes Rodoviários S/A excels in providing services of excellence in transport and logistics in the national market, meetings the needs and standards of the most diverse customers, with safety, reliability and sustainability, aiming to maximize results.

In order to do that, we adopted the following principles in Asset Security:

Employee Safety

  • They participate in a medical assistance plan;
  • While at the premises of Trans Kothe Transportes Rodoviários S/A, they are protected by physical security systems;
  • While driving our vehicles, they are tracked via satellite.

Property Security 

  • Physically protected by physical barriers and alarm and protection equipment;
  • Asset security in the company premises 24/7.

Fleet Security 

  • Our fleet is covered by insurance against freight theft and civil liability;
  • All our vehicles are tracked via satellite and risk management company;
  • Emergency cases are sent to security bodies.
Revision 01


Always aiming for the best qualification of the services to our customers and to ensure a standard of procedures, Trans Kothe Transportes Rodoviários S/A has several certifications and licenses, among them the main ones for transport of pharmaceutical products and chemical products.



Na Mão Certa (On the Right Hand)

Trans Kothe supports the cause of Na Mão Certa program as Supporter III, by promoting the program and thematic awareness in each campaign. Na Mão Certa is an initiative by Childhood Brasil that aims to mobilize governments, companies and third-sector organizations in the fight against sexual exploitation of children and teenagers around the Brazilian highways. It develops programs that inform society, qualify different professionals, strengthening protection networks, disseminating knowledge and influencing public policies, contributing to the positive transformations in the cause.

The program is focused on raising awareness and on the change in truck drivers’ behaviors, who are encouraged to denounce and not to participate in the sexual exploitation of minors.

Laço Amarelo (Yellow Ribbon)

Trans Kothe Transportes Rodoviários S/A is part of the Laço Amarelo Program, created by the Road Safety National Observatory. The Laço Amarelo seal is a way of recognizing the good actions and allow companies and governments to collaborate even more with structured projects in pursuing a safer traffic.

With its headquarters in Jundiaí-SP, Kothe starts to receive content dedicated to themes such as use of safety belt, safe speed, respect to pedestrians, the dangers of drugs and other substances in driving, among other matters. Treating problems in the traffic is a cause that Trans Kothe has as a priority, since hundreds of lives are lost every day, generating enormous emotional strain to the whole society.


Sedex is a global organization that facilitates negotiation processes in relation to labor rights, health and safety, environment and corporate ethics.
Trans Kothe adheres to Sedex, having access to its services and to the global community of leaders in responsible supply, thus allowing that the organization has data related to ethical development, continuous improvement and minimization of impact in the workplace, having good practices that comply with the labor conduct codes.


Trans Kothe is part of the Transport Environmental Program – Despoluir since 2015, promoting good practices in socioenvironmental responsibility in the transport sector in Brazil! The Program has action lines aimed at the reduction of emissions of atmospheric pollutants by road vehicles, the use of clean technologies and energy, the adoption of environmental management in transport and the continuous qualification of truck drivers, as well as the improvement of their health conditions.

Trans Kothe was awarded in the ll Prêmio Qualidade do Ar (2nd Air Quality Award) in 2019 by the Transport Environmental Program Despoluir.




Trans Kothe Transportes Rodoviários S/A has as one of its values the sustainability, which has been intensifying the necessary actions so that our services have low environmental impacts.
Now we are a COMPANY PARTNER OF NATURE, we have the GREEN SEAL which is an Environmental Education program for Business Sustainability. This program aims to help companies to expand concepts of sustainability, seeking to reduce environmental impacts.
The Kothe invests in environmental projects inside and outside the company, these actions is given through environmental education aiming to generat changes in habits and thus build a new society.




Trans Kothe Transportes Rodoviários S/A has as one of its values the sustainability, and has been intensifying the necessary actions so that the services have low environmental impacts.
Now we are a COMPANY PARTNER OF NATURE, we have the RENEWABLE ENERGY SEAL which is an environmental certification program directed to companies that through the deployment of renewable energy systems (Solar), reducinding impacts on the environment, adapting to market trends that seek, among other things, by energy efficiency associated with environmental preservation.
When replacing electric energy by this system, Kothe demonstrates commitment and contemplates the commitments made by Brazil, regarding the reduction of emissions of Greenhouse Gases in the atmosphere and the production of Clean Energy, which is generated through renewable, inexhaustible, and sustainable source.