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Trabalhe na Kothe S/A

At Kothe S/A you will be part of a success history!

Leadership, Innovation, Dynamism, Efficiency, Respect for People, are the basis of big achievements. To work with us is to be in the leading role of this history!

Pride in being Kothe S/A!

The Kothe S/A team works in a collaborative, participative and innovative way. We like to overcome challenges. Here we encourage innovation and professional improvement, so we can always evolve, qualifying professionals of good character who contribute to society.

Be in the main role of your history. Kothe S/A invests in you!

As Kothe S/A operates nationally and it is a solid company in the market, by being part of our team you will find opportunities of professional / personal development and growth.

Now it only depends on YOU!!!

How to be part of our team??

Follow us on Facebook and on Instagram and keep updated with our work opportunities. Then, register your CV in our talent database and, if selected, you will be contacted by us!

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In case of any doubts, contact us on +55 (63) 3411-3500. Candidates from Jundiaí-SP and region, please call +55 (11) 4525-2669 or +55 (63) 98133-5795.

You may also send a message through our contact form.